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Stations of the Cross

We often jump to the joy of Easter Sunday. We invite you to hold off on your Easter celebrations and spend time in mourning and reflection as we approach Good Friday and the death of Jesus. Jesus death wasn't pleasant, but painful.


There are 14 stations, each representing one of the 14 circumstances surrounding Jesus' death, beginning with his time of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and culminating in Jesus being laid in the tomb.

Each station includes a scripture passage, a few reflective comments, and an invitation for you to participate in an activity, which could include an action, reflecting on a question, listening to a song, or a variety of other things. Our goal is to remember the death of Christ and wait patiently for the good news to come.

Beginning at number 1, near the main doors of GBC, follow along on this website, reading, listening, and being attentive to the voice of God in each of the 14 stations. Once you are finished with number 1, move on to number 2, then number 3, etc. Check out the map of the layout if you would like to see where to go next.

If you need to connect to WiFi, be sure to connect to Grace Baptist Church_EXT as it will give you are stronger signal around the perimeter of the church. If you need WiFi to switch pages on the website, you may have to detour towards the church while you are walking.

There are paper copies of the stations of the cross available in the container outside of the main doors of the church.

We invite you to participate in these stations of the cross on the GBC property as it is a way that you can get away from the normal rhythm and distractions of life at home. If, however, you are unable to participate onsite, feel free to join us in these stations at home.

Take as long as you would like at any given station. Don't rush it. Be attentive to where God may be leading you or speaking to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Brad at 204-572-7610.

Click here to get started: Station 1

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